About Vineyard

Welcome to Vineyard! We are a Christian community church located in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Our mission is strongly rooted in serving God and creating relationships. 


We gather each Sunday to worship as a community. We do so through song, theme-based sermons, prayer, and nurturing relationships. Service starts at 10AM, but our cafe opens at 9:30 for people to socialize over coffee and food. Children worship and learn in their own age- and grade-based rooms. We welcome everyone to come as they are!


It takes a village to run the Vineyard Community Church. Any given Sunday, you'll find one of our pastors--Bob, Amos, Sarah and Emily--leading service. And of course they can't do it alone! Learn more about the team of people who make it possible.

The Vineyard stands firmly in the center of orthodox Christian teaching. Out of loyalty to Christ and the gospel, we have come to a number of convictions concerning the clear teaching of the Bible. We do, however, believe that much can be legitimately debated, so our boundaries are broad and inclusive. We consider ourselves orthodox, empowered evangelicals. 

Mark your calendars! There's always something exciting happening at Vineyard. Find out what's coming up next.


We believe worship isn't limited to Sunday services. Join a tight-knit community inside our church family and find a way to volunteer your time or skills. You'll develop close relationships, discover ways to grow your faith and commitment to yourself, and share passions with like-minded people. There are many ways to get involved!