Hello friends!


The Vineyard’s COVID Advisory Team has recommended the lifting of almost all of our current COVID protocols effective June 1st. This recommendation has also been approved by our Board of Trustees.


This means that masks are now option for all adults in both of our services. If you’d like to hear the announcement from our May 23rd Service (including survey results), you can view it here:



Thanks to all of you who completed the survey and thank you also to the COVID Advisory Team.


Our goal throughout this season has been to stay as unified as possible. We have been continuously weighing the the desire to keep our community safe/healthy with the desire to give individuals freedom to make their own choices and assume their own risks. Waiting until now has given our our staff and worship/tech teams the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. We will continue our outside service through the end of June, weather permitting. 


As I urged on May 23rd, please continue loving like Jesus, making every effort to withhold judgment toward people who think differently than you or who make different choices than you would. Thank you for choosing relationship! 

and hello parents!


Thanks to so many of you who responded to our survey! We acknowledge this past year has been filled with challenging decisions and compromises in almost every area of life. A strong majority of Vineyard families prefer that masks become option by July 1st. This matches new recommendations from the Chester County Health Department and changes to local school district policy for the summer. 


Here are the new COVID Protocols regarding VineyardKids:

1. Effective immediately- Teachers do NOT need to wear masks outside. Masks are optional for kids inside when NOT checked in to VineyardKids. If VineyardKids programming moves inside during June due to weather, we will continue to asks children and teachers to wear masks while checked in.

2. On July 1st we will move to one 10am service, VineyardKids will move inside, masks will be optional for both teachers and kids, and you will no longer need to RSVP.



Amos + The Vineyard Church Staff