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Healing team

As empowered evangelicals, we believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still at work today. Each week we set apart time to utilize these gifts in praying for one another. Those that have been released through the training listed here make themselves available--typically in the front and sides of the auditorium after the worship and message--to pray for those in need. 


Ministry team - Serving on our Sunday morning prayer team

Our desire is to provide prayer for physical, emotional and spiritual healing in a safe and sensitive environment. Therefore we train people who demonstrate our commitment to our church and compassionate hearts. 


The healing ministry of Jesus - Physical healing

Jesus healed the sick and equipped his followers to do the same. We believe he releases his powerful Spirit to advance his kingdom works through his followers today. Physical Healing focuses on how Jesus approached praying for the sick in the Scriptures and offers practical instruction for ministering his healing in people's lives as we pray for them within and beyond our church.


Heart Health - Emotional healing

Life is tough. We get hurt by people, circumstances and we hurt ourselves. These hurts leave deep inner wounds that God desires to heal as we seek prayer. Emotional Healing brings clear explanation as to how we get hurt and how those hurts surface in our lives symptomatically through anger, fear and addictive behaviors.


Vineyard prayer model **What is the five-step prayer model?

The Vineyard 5 step prayer model is a tool to help us see what God is wanting to bring into the lives of the people we pray with. The prayer model was developed through years of ministry and helps to provide a naturally supernatural approach to healing ministry that has as its motivation respect for the person we are praying for. 


Hearing God


Practical tips on how to discern God's voice in our personal lives and as we pray for others.

Classes Offered

Spiritual healing


This class looks at the fact that salvation is spiritual healing (justification) but that the process of salvation (sanctification) may require receiving prayer to break the power of darkness in certain areas of our lives.


The Holy Spirit & Gifts of the Spirit


This class looks at the third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, specifically as it relates to the baptism and filling with the Spirit. The Spirit is the Gift given to every believer and the Spirit distributes gifts to the church for the good of the members of the church. The gifts help us do the works of Jesus today.


Leading someone to christ


We often know what occurred in our lives in Christ, but are not sure how to share that with another person. This class gives an approach to sharing with someone the Good News we have experienced in Christ. 

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