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Moon Bounce Safety Policy  

The following relates specifically to the operation of inflatable moon bounce equipment on the premises of the Vineyard Church-Chester Springs.  


Equipment Operation and Maintenance 
  1. Moon bounce(s) will be inflated and powered according to manufacturer specifications. 

  2. All equipment malfunctions and damage will be reported to a staff member and will be repaired prior to subsequent use. 


Supervision and Terms of Use 
  1. A safety waiver will be presented for review. Written consent to participate will be obtained from the adult responsible for the child. 

  2. All children (minors) will be supervised while using the moon bounce. 

  3. Supervisors (“Bounce Bosses”) will be screened for suitability to care for children. Consistent with state law, this screening will include Pennsylvania (PA) State Police Criminal Record Check; PA Child Abuse Clearance; and FBI Clearance (fingerprinting) unless the applicant can sign the disclosure statement 23 Pa. C.S Section 6344.2, as required by Child Protective Service Law. 

  4. Terms of use will be posted at each moon bounce and enforced by the Supervisor. Specific ages and maximum occupancy for each moon bounce will be consistent with manufacturer’s recommendation. In addition to age and occupancy limit, rules will include: 

  • Injury may occur-user or guardian assumes risk 

  • Do not hold hands while bouncing 

  • No rough play (pushing, shoving, etc) 

  • No cartwheels or flips

  • No sharp objects, shoes or loose jewelry

  • Follow all instructions given by Supervisor (Bounce Boss)  


If physical injury occurs during use of the moon bounce, whether intentional or accidental, an incident report form will be completed and submitted to a staff member for review and follow up

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