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Vineyard Youth short-term mission experience creates the framework for a student’s interaction with a different culture and/or socio-economic background. 


The focus is on the “be” and the student’s relationships both vertically with their heavenly Father and horizontally with the community they are engaging. Not the “do.” This does not mean that there is no “do” but it is secondary to relationship building, learning, and experience. 

This allows for a focussed intentional time …

  • Where a student can ask God to open up their our hearts to the plight of the poor and marginalized,  and/or someone who comes from a different faith or worldview.

  • When a student’s theology or the way they see the world is rocked to the core, challenged, deconstructed and reconstructed by the Holy Spirit.

  • Where a student can discern a vocation more deeply on the margins no matter where they may end up.

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