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Our vision in Vineyard Kids is to help children recognize and respond to God. Children are born as full image bearers of God, and we get to come alongside to help them discover their identity in God’s family.  


We want our kids to be engaged and meaningfully connected to God, each other and their caregivers and teachers. Everything we do is focused on building healthy relationships, and teaching children to hear God’s voice so they can know His good plan for their lives and say yes to it! They will learn to participate in the Kingdom and life of the church much like the adults do -  through play, exploration of God’s creation, worship, prayer and rooting their own story in the larger narrative of the Bible.

Scroll down to learn about our childcare and classrooms!

In addition to Sunday morning programming, we also have a Family Room where parents can be with their children while watching the service via livestream. There's a Nursing Nook available.

With any questions about VineyardKids, please contact us at kids(at)!

What to Expect on Sunday Mornings:
10am-11:15am (Worship service)

Nursery & Preschool-Kindergarten in childcare

1st-3rd & 4th-6th in the service


11:15am-12:15pm (Second session)

Nursery with parents

Preschool, K-3rd & 4th-6th in VineyardKids classrooms

Nursery (Childcare)

ages two and under

Babies can play and interact with each other in a fun space set up just for them! Our nursery team loves to cuddle and care for little ones. We work with parents to give bottles or encourage a nap, but we don't change diapers. 


Preschool (Childcare / Classroom)

ages two to four

Kids spend time playing, singing & dancing to worship songs, hearing a Bible story, and eating snacks! 

Kindergarten through Third Grade (Classroom)

ages K-3rd

Students experience Jesus through song, storytelling & Bible reading, media, crafts, and group interaction. 

Fourth through Sixth Grade (Classroom)

ages 4th-6th

Students experience the spiritual rhythms of worship, Bible reading & storytelling, and prayer. They also explore God's beauty and creativity through various forms of art.  

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