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Partnership Commitment

I am committed to our mission: Love Like Jesus

At the Vineyard-Chester Springs, partnership is based on honest intentions, grace, love and mutual respect. We don’t want to micromanage each other’s lives. We trust one another to keep our commitments consistently, not perfectly. We celebrate the mystery that despite our diversity and brokenness, it is by grace that we are all part of Jesus’ body. We believe commitment to a local church is an important step in your spiritual journey: It’s our way of saying “this is who we are”  and your opportunity to say “yes, I’m in!” What this commitment is not: You can belong at the Vineyard without becoming a partner. We do not intend this commitment to be legalistic or guilt-producing. It has nothing to do with earning God’s favor and you can participate in his Kingdom without becoming a partner.  

Love God.
  • I trust Jesus to be the Lord of my life. This means I give up control, and instead follow his Spirit and his desires for every aspect of my being. 

  • I will participate regularly in weekend services to cultivate my spiritual health through hearing/reading God’s word, worship, prayer and relationships. 

  • I am committed to developing a lifestyle characterized by financial generosity. I will faithfully give to my church. I will prayerfully seek God’s guidance about giving a percentage of income and give sacrificially whenever God stirs me to give to additional needs or opportunities. (2 Cor 8:7; 2 Cor 9.7). 

  • I will find a place to serve at the Vineyard in a group or on a Sunday. When I need help finding my place on the team, I will take initiative. 

Love People.
  • I will engage in authentic relationships, both during and beyond Sunday service. I will let others into my life and in turn help carry their burdens. I will seriously consider joining a Life Group. 

  • I will help create a culture of radical welcome by choosing to withhold judgment and assumptions about people’s behavior and motivation.

  • I will make the first move to pursue reconciliation when relationships break down. I will think the best of others and offer forgiveness to those who hurt or betray me. I will embrace the pain of loving people over the temptation to withdraw or express my feelings in passive-aggressive ways (i.e., gossip and slander) even if it involves the Vineyard’s leadership (Matt 18:15-35; Col 3:13-14). 

  • I will intentionally invest in friendships with people who are not connected to a church. With those who are not yet following Jesus, I will show integrity, not hiding who I am nor what God is doing in my life. 

Love Yourself
  • I will base my identity in God’s unconditional love for me, not on my performance, or ability to earn his favor. 

  • I will grow in self awareness by paying attention to my inner life so that it is shaped more and more by Jesus and His love. 

  • I am committed to self care as a way to value myself like God does. I will work toward setting healthy boundaries in my life and take seriously the command to rest (sabbath) each week (Mark 2:27-28). 

  • I will journey toward becoming whole in my mind, body and emotions. Rather than make excuses for my shortcomings, I will be honest about my flaws, hang-ups, and brokenness and invite Jesus into them
    (2 Cor 4:7-12). 

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